Pajama Jam 2011

Deucie Poo woke feeling rather warm and big sis had been fighting a runny nose for the couple days prior so we decided to keep it casual Sunday.  First Pajama Jam 2011.  We have been having gorgeous weather all week so when the hubs told me that it was going to rain, I laughed and didn't believe him.  Wasn't it just 70 the other day? 

But when it started to rain I quickly ran outside and backed my car out of the garage onto the drive way.  What?  Free car wash.  Hopefully you don't think I'm kidding.  I totally did.

Little did I know that my car wash was the first of many productive things to happen in PJs.

Productivity example 2:
Deuce woke from a nap with a whine that wasn't her typical.  The hubs went to rescue her from her jail cell crib and called out for me to come take a peek.  I thought maybe she's played a baby form of Twister or something to get herself hollering out like she was.  Nope.  She pulled herself into standing position in her crib.  Her hands were holding her up against the wall as if she was being frisked.  What is the opposite of I've fallen and I can't up?
I wasn't quick enough to snap the first pose but the next time we came in to rescue her she was all smiles.  Oy. Vey.

Productivity example 3:

We're screwed.

And why is it that I couldn't will big sis to hit every milestone.  I always second guessed and thought that we were doing something wrong.  Now, I only wish I could slow the clock.  Once she's on the move the hubs and I won't be sitting still for at least 15-20 years.  ::::shakes head trying to release that thought::::  Anyone successfully bury their head into the sand and survive?  I want some tips.


Congrats to baby B!!!! stinking cute :-)

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