Living in Denial

Let me count the ways....

I was washing the girls' clothes this weekend and huffed when I had used up every last hanger in the closet.  Rummaging through Deuce's I saw loads of things that just didn't belong.  Newborn onesies & dresses, 3 month rompers....I mean, I've known that it's been long overdue to weed through but had no idea we had this much overflow.
My baby is growing so fast. ::insert sad face here::

Then we have another that wants to revert.

Then reality hits when you realize your babe is content gnawing on carrots.  Where have the past 7 months gone?  I cringe at the thought that she will really be 7 months next week.  I keep thinking if I avoid blogging about her growth that she will stop altogether.  One can only hope, right?  I can't believe my baby is getting so big.  I'm going to miss her being so small.

Gaaaaahhhh, I love that face.


kim said…
Beautiful. Both of them. :)
My goodness those last pics of baby B are stinking adorable Jo! You have two little precious ones :-)
Thanks, ladies :)
I was sure I didn't have any readers left...
I'm still checking your blog :-) I love reading and love seeing the pics and videos of the kiddos.
kristina said…
They are getting bigger and you are getting skinnier...not a bad trade off! LOL They are so amazing Jo, just like their mamma.

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