anything you can do I can do better

I could have sworn we had the equinox last week, no? Apparently Southern California has been confused because October = Summer?!'s literally been 88*F in our house the past week. I don't know WTF is going on but I'm ready for Autumn. For reals weathergods. But because it's been too damn hot in the afternoon, the girls have been spending even more time in the buff.

Tummy time for one, poor Deuce sweating her teeny buns off. I swear she asked me the other day to let her go back where she came from. It's a shame for her that it ain't gonna happen (even it was physically possible).

Big sis was playing outside with Gunny and overheard me trying to get Deuce to smile for tummy time, promptly bolted in the house and declared that she could do tummy time, too.

It seriously melts my heart how much she loves her little sis. She just has no idea what a brute she is. Stepping over her gives me a heart attack. Every.time. Scooting her buns as close as she can get them to her. Smiling and talking up in her face, probably too close even for her mid-range vision. Ahh, I wonder if I was as annoying to my little brother? Naaah. No way, not me. Never. ;)

So neekid tum time started like this.
anything you can do3
And ended like this. Mama, Moooommmy, look. I can do tummy time, doooo.
anything you can do2
Okay, I know. Her scraggly locks are even beginning to be too much for me. I think you'll be seeing a first haircut post soon.


Jamie said…
They are so darn beautiful!!! You guys are going to have your hands full when they start dating :)

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