We've got a talker

At 12 weeks it hardly feels like we've got a newborn anymore. When are infants considered infants, anyway? Deuce is a full fledged baby now. Holding her head up, talking back, smiling...next thing we know she'll be applying to college. The weeks have flown by.


Acid reflux - which seems to be a milder case compared to others I've talked to - aside she is a really happy baby. The choking episodes in the middle of the night scare the shit out of me but thankfully those are fewer and farther between. Sleeping well enough that I feel somewhat human in the morning and all around smiley-puss. Love every little cell on her bitty body.

She certainly likes to chat it up, so much so the coos start from her toes and work up. 20 seconds of cuteness right here:

working it from the toes from jaugs on Vimeo.

I'm in serious love.


WOW she is totally a lil baby now....love her sounds!! You seem so happy Jo and that's awesome.
Jamie said…
Oh my! I'm with you, when did she get so big, I felt like you just had her and now she's 12 weeks old? She looks like a baby that could be crawling around soon! She's so beautiful mama!!
Abbie Winter said…
OH MAN!! i am going to eat her up. and already sitting in the bumbo? i need to try g in his.... how are your nights going?
Nights are going well, Ab. She's going down and sleeping for 7-8 hours. I feed her and then she's out for another 3. I just wish I could go to bed as early as her...I'd be a refreshed sleeping beauty every morning ;)

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