lesson learned

Take a lesson from my mistake. Don't take your 2.5 year old to the pediatrician's office and tell her that we're just going for little sister.

Deuce had her 2 month well check. All is great! We were able to say yes to all the milestone questions asked and growth is on track. Thank you AR for giving her an edge on her superbaby neck strength.

I mentioned F's overnight potty training to the doc, which may or may not have led to the downfall of her (up to that point) pleasant morning.

I was signing off on Deuce's vaccines and the doc suggested F get her flu shot, you know, since we were here already....and with that her morning went South. Quickly. The nurse came in to administer the shots, starting with F. I held her in my arms and the nurse swabbed her arm. She turned and gazed in my eyes and all I saw was Mommy, WTF are you doing to me?!?!?! You promised, this is Baby Deuce's appointment only. The nurse swiftly poked her upper arm and said it was all done. It took nearly 3 Mississippis before the crocodile tears and yelps started. The red creeped up into her big ol' cheeks.

I felt awful for a a handful of seconds. Why only a handful, you ask? Because through her tears she managed to squeak out, now it's Baby Deuce's turn!

Just like that. Tit for tat.

She's only two and a half.

And she wouldn't let me put her down to help the babe. I had one hand on the baby and a teary 27 pounder on my hip. If it was 2005, I could have been Southwest's next Wanna Get Away commercial. And I would have been happy to hop on a plane and leave two shrieking girls at the doc's office for a bit. At least I know they'd be in good hands.

Deuce took the shots like a baby. I mean, what else could she do? All she wanted to do was be held and kissed. Naturally, I put down the kid and picked the baby. The nurse looked at me with pity in her eyes. It was an I'm so sorry you have to deal with this but I think I hear my name being called through the PA and I've gots to go. She handed the kid a princess sticker as a consolation prize and bolted out the door.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the entire scenario. Seriously. I put myself on the wall looking at the scene, I'd be laughing if it wasn't me in there. What a train-wreck! So what did I do? I whipped out my phone to snap a pic to illustrate. I needed to open this pic later to appreciate my morning later like when I'm in the office and wishing I was at home instead. After all, the grass is always greener.

Please note the lavender blankie tossed to the wayside, the princess sticker nearly put into the trashcan - the exact sticker she had been requesting since we parked the car at the office building - the tomato red face from screaming so hard. Ahh, it's moments like this I savor.

Moral of the story: It's a much safer bet to leave the kid at home propped up with a cup of juice and babysitter, the Disney channel. No unexpected shots and tears will be had.*

*For the record, the moral is for entertainment purposes only. In no way do I condone leaving kids home alone. Or the Disney Channel for that matter.


Jamie said…
I LOVE YOU!! You are super mom!! You even took time to take a picture? Seriously you are good! Love to read your words, you make me feel like I was there with you! Great post to read in a year from now too!
Oh poor poor F....unfortunately it will never be a trip for the the younger sister without something happening to the older one :-( So what's wrong with the Disney Channel? Or shall I say the preschool shows? Glad you all made it out in one piece...gotta love the kid being 2!!!

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