7 weeks to a smile.

Although she's pushing 2 months, pretend I'm punctual and this is 10 days ago...

The crappiest thing about reflux is it plays tricks with a tired mama's emotions. We have fabulous days (sometimes a few in a row) and I'll merely think to myself, gosh, she's doing great! And we'll be greeted by spit up and fuss for the next 36 hours. I can't imagine how it feels to have reflux but I can imagine it's pretty damn shitty to be in pain and unable to express in words what exactly the problem is.

Thankfully, Deuce is a kick-ass kid and generally a happy baby otherwise. How could she not be though? She has a really cool sister to look up to.

This is the best way to start a morning after a rough night of reflux fighting. Her first FOR REAL smiles caught on camera.
Working on it.
Get your arms and legs into it.

.......and since then we've seen many more emerge. In my totally unbiased opinion, she is a perfect little doll.
Whoopsie, Ma. I'm not that strong yet.


jCam said…
I think she is a perfect little doll as well!

Jamie just started really smiling this weekend but we still haven't gotten it on camera.

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