EDITED: Since she's seemed to have surprised/scared some, thought I'd add this. She's been in swim class for about 16 months. Between class and her obsession with all things boat & water, it's no surprise she's this comfortable in the water. I slightly freaked out before she jumped in the 3rd video because she had the hubs pushed out to the opposite side of the pool. I'm certain she wasn't ready to jump and swim the width...although she surprises me everyday. Hell, she might be capable.

She's my waterbabe.

waterbabe from jaugs on Vimeo.

big arms & kick ;) from jaugs on Vimeo.

over there from jaugs on Vimeo.


LOVE the videos Jo!!! It sure was making me nervous when she kept telling C to move over there :-) WAY TO GO F!!!
Jamie said…
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can't believe how brave she is for being so young! That is pretty daring for F! Good job mom and dad!
Abbie Winter said…
DANG!! You got yourself one brave chica there!! I found myself taking a big breath too!! Watch out mama!!! What's next??
jCam said…
OH MY GOSH so cute! What a little fishy!
The Ciunis said…
WOW!! Look at her! This itty bitty thing and she's so brave. I love it.

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