tummy time

A very distinct difference between F and Deuce is tummy time.

Fal h.a.t.e.d. tummy time and anything related to working her neck muscles. The hubs and I were joking about her not holding her head on her own until she was 3mo. Mostly joking because neither of us had ever handled a baby before and were overly cautious. No doubt this was the case...poor Deuce doesn't have a chance to be fragile. Ahhh, life as a second child. I'm sure the acid reflux is helping tremendously though. If there is an upside to this whole reflux b.s. she hates being on her back and welcomes tummy time and sitting up as much as we allow her to do so.
Of course, big sister needs to be a part of the action. Fully clothed (for once, I might add).
side-eye champion.
....and so does Gunny.
When you're the smallest of three kids, there is no chance for privacy. A big sister on the left and a puppy on the right....no peace. no peace.


kim said…
I can't handle how gorgeous they both are. Good job, mama.
jCam said…
I'm beginning to worry about reflux with Jamie because he is the same way - haaaates being on his back. So far they are saying it's just gas. We'll see.
Abbie Winter said…
i love that i am not the only one with a naked babe. :)
Thanks, Kim! Every time you post a pic, I think your girls can't get any cuter yet they do!

jCam, I'm crossing my fingers for you. I wouldn't wish reflux on anyone (and we have a mild case from what I've been reading). It reared its ugly head on Deuce between 4 & 5, I'm hoping hoping Jamie doesn't have it.

Abs, you're definitely not alone! F prefers to live organically. The vast majority of my pics and vids aren't suitable for the world wide web.
kristina said…
sooo in love with those two

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