Reflux Sux

Two-ish weeks ago, Deuce went from baby coma into what we thought was growth spurt. Made sense following the 3-6-3 rule - 3 days, 6 days, 3 weeks, 6 get the idea. I talked with the girls' doctor about her uncomfortableness of being on her back. It had just started a couple days prior so she said to watch it, hopefully it wouldn't amount to anything. Neither of us wanted to jump to antibiotics and planned to give her a week to straighten itself out. 1 week turned into the second and she progressively acquired signs of reflux. Last Friday I knew she turned the corner. This wasn't going to clear on its own.

Monday morning after a smidge of sleep, I took her in, broke down in tears with the doc and got her on meds. It only took two dosages to give her a 5 hour sleep stretch that night.
Thankfully, after reading loads of horror stories on the interwebz I can assume that it's a mild case. Other than grunting, hating on the Back to Sleep campaign and spit ups after feedings, she has been a good baby. I, on the other hand, was the mess. No more than 2 hour stretches for 5 weeks will make this mama a dull girl. This week - with help of Zantac and coffee - has been much better. Hopefully Deuce sends reflux packing sooner rather than later.

Reflux can kick rocks. To be read with heavy handed sarcasm. She's just too pretty to have to deal with this.


The Ciunis said…
Awww...that really sucks. I went through reflux with Mia too. Her dr asked me if she cried more than 6 hours a day (no, even though it felt like it) and if it had been going on for 3 weeks straight (no, some days were better than others). When he heard my answers he didn't want to prescribe anything. It was awful. Mia would spit up loads after nearly every meal. A couple times she even choked from the reflux, unable to breath. She finally outgrew it around 1 year old. Geez, this raising children thing is HARD work. I hope you all get some rest soon.
WHAT a year and no help?! I can't even imagine not offering some sort of relief...feeling helpless to your helpless baby is close to suicide. In that two weeks, I just about lost my mind. I'm not pro-meds but it isn't healthy the other way either. She's still spitting up (but less) and if I lay her down too early post-feeding she chokes. Parenting is rough!

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