Judgy McJudgerson

I'll admit it. That was me.


It still is. But only on a part time basis.

One example, the Drive- through or "thru." There are many more but I don't think I need to take a controversial turn on a such beautiful afternoon.

The list is now endless of services offered outside fast food industry; coffee shops, pharmacies, ATMs, dry cleaners. I mean, how lazy can one be to not park and walk the short distance for a 500 calorie caffeinated drink? Until I had Deuce...I'm now realizing the value of the drive-through. And caffeinated beverages.

Juggling two kids and accomplishing mundane tasks aren't so mundane anymore. Yesterday I said aloud, why doesn't the post office have a drive-thru?! All I need are 3 books of stamps. If it was legal to leave the girls in the car for 2 minutes from door to the automatic machine inside to spit out the GD stamps....I would do it.

Instead this how it went down...I got Fal out, escorted her to the sidewalk, pulled out Deuce in her carrier, made a 3 minute pit-stop between the car and front door to pick up a dandelion flower and blow the seeds, open the door & debate with F why I opened the right door instead of the left, try and convince her it is the same & to walk in, give up and opened the left door just for her, make it to the machine & pressed the 5 buttons it took to retrieve my stamps. We made it back to the car in half the time because I gave her the receipt to read.

Total round trip post office visit? 10 minutes.

Drive thrus are genius.


Abbie Winter said…
jo mama you are brave!! if it isn't walkable, we don't go. g has only been in the car twice - one of which was coming home from the hospital. even his pediatrician is walkable. we were thinking it might be time for a family outing-that isn't walkable.
f is looking more and more like her beautiful mama!!!
OMG I live for drive-thru's!!!! It makes life soooo much easier then lugging children around and all that comes with them to get errands done. Heck I even have my groceries delivered now due to the fact that taking a 2 1/2 yr old into the store is so not worth it, groceries delivered is the BEST IDEA EVER!!! If you're interested let me know. I didn't mind walking into stores, etc but once having a child....eh....maybe when she is older I'll get back to that again :-)
Abs, I wish we lived in a walkable enough area to stroll to the pedi's. You are lucky!

BJE, Thanks for the offer. I've heard of grocery deliveries but unfortunately, the markets we frequent don't offer the service. If only that was the case...
Jenny said…
I will drive to Goleta to go through the drive-thru coffee place on Storke. Somedays, I'm not dragging them out of the car, only to have my coffee spill all over me on the way back. Santa Barbara needs to get over it's drive-thru and Target issues. It's killing me.

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