hot wheels

Check out our sweet new ride, the Britax B-Ready.
Never thought I'd be so excited over a stroller, let alone a double stroller! Hell, I don't think I ever thought I'd need a double but I suppose that is why the saying 'never say never' stuck around.


Jamie said…
I'm confused. Is the bottom one supposed to be for F? It looks tiny??
The bottom seat capacity is 35lbs & the top is 55lbs. F loves the bottom seat although technically, I think she's supposed to be on the top. The foot rest is inside the black basket (which might be why it looks so small?).
Jenny said…
Tim saw me looking at this online several months ago when they announced it...he said he'd leave if I bought another stroller. It looks amazing! I've sent the link to the 67 friends of mine who are having twins this year. Good buy, Mama!

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