A girl after my own heart

With this so-called summer we're having, I've been racking my brain for outdoor activities that don't involve water nor straying too far from home. If you didn't already know, she was a fish in her former life. She'll wake up and ask to go wimming.

Yesterday, I dusted off the ol' field hockey sticks and we got busy. It's been 8 (holy shite - that's aging me) years since I retired the college pads and I'm rusty as hell. In my heyday, I was pretty good and helped my college team earn a few league championships. We were awesome! She's well on her way to earning herself a spot as a GIANT.

What's that you ask? Is that a...?
Why yes, that is a shadow of an 8' stork on my front lawn. Isn't that a normal lawn decoration?
She'll be pro in no time.


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