[two weeks]

Happy two weeks baby Deuce!

I can't believe 14 days have passed. I'm exhausted, happy, sad and emotionally drained all at the same time. We joyfully welcomed our daughter into the family and tearfully said goodbye to the hub's grandfather. It's been a whirlwind keeping up with a newborn, toddler and everything in between. Hopefully things will begin to settle for everyone in the coming weeks.

Deuce has been quite the addition to our family. She is definitely easy going and while we're still in the honeymoon - eat, sleep, poop - phase, I can tell her temperament will compliment that of her sister.

Honestly, how can you say no to a sleeping babe like this? This is love.

The weekend was a crazy one. The hub's birthday party was Saturday. This is what you get when you cross a two-year old, a swimming pool, BBQ and no nap. Zonked out.

The glamorous life of a mom two weeks postpartum; sometimes showered, hair rarely brushed, bags under the eyes for days. All in the name of love. The only thing I do have is the incessant nursing has dropped the scale much faster than I imagined - down 24 of the 30 I gained. Not too shabby. It's just that nothing is in the same place anymore. Soft, squishy belly, big ol' bubbies and as Sisqo so eloquently put it dumps like a truck truck truck. If you catch me from the side and cut off my head, I don't look half bad. haha.

I'll leave you with the first installment of Deuce: Watch Me Grow. 2 weeks.


Love the pics!!! B is growing so fast:-) And F just looks like a doll. You're family is truly blessed with 2 beautiful girls! Enjoy!!!
jCam said…
Awww two little mushy faces! Love! And you look fab.
Abbie Winter said…
you are supermom!! don't know how you do it. I agree, the "delivery diet" is awesome!! Fastest way to shed pounds, even faster than the "mono diet." Your ladies are as beautiful as ever. Off to nap myself, hope you can find some time to do the same. love you!!

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