Three Week Countdown

to full term!

I can't even wrap my head around he fact that we could technically meet BD in 3 weeks. For those not in the know, 37 week baby in the belly oven = fully cooked. Craziness, right? Of course if Deuce isn't ready then s/he can postpone the arrival up to 42weeks along.

Oh lordy, help me if I go past 40 weeks....

I'm not feeling exceptionally pretty this week, so I've left you with this headless bump.

These days my evenings leave me swollen feet, a sore sore back and kicks & elbows that put the little alien from Spaceballs to shame. This child is literally working on pushing itself out - just not in the proper form. Finally, I'm feeling 8 months pregnant.

So the question remains: Is Deuce a boy or a girl?! I've been hearing all sorts of theories lately.

I love this surprise! I'm so happy we've waited to find out the sex.


Jamie said…
Mama! You look so good for almost poping!!! Can't wait to hear the news and see some pics!

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