One Fish, Two Fish

Deuce is already one loved kid.

Mommy & Daddy were so smart the first time around and bought all the baby stuff gender neutral with very the thought that s/he would from birth be environmentally friendly and reuse all big sister's stuff. Well, that AND Auntie Ellen was super generous for Mother's Day and gifted Deuce all kinds of new goodies . We're pretty much all set in the gear department.

My super crafty sis offered to throw Deuce a shower but we certainly didn't need or want anything. My list of things to buy for this kid are pump replacement parts, new nipples for the bottles, a couple new sheets....and that's pretty much it. Plus, aren't 2nd showers a faux pas? She said that every babe deserved a celebration! Who am I to argue with that? Shower it was.

With no registry or baby crap to purchase, she put together the most adorable shower a second child could need. A book shower!

The request was to bring your favorite childhood book for Deuce. Love it.

The decor was perfect...
Are you dying over these onesies?! She made them.
She is crafty.
The 3 tables were adorned with book-themed centerpieces.
I mean, really!?
I think this is the blue fish. The red fish, whom F appropriately named "Mommydaddy," is now residing in our dining room.

I loathe shower games. Ick. Although this one would have been fun, should I have been able to participate. Decorate a onesie. That's it. I picked a favorite & the artist won a prize. Easy peasy, right?
AND Deuce is now outfitted with some one of a kind pieces.

Food and drink, yes please. We're saving the good bubbly for my "no longer pregnant celebration!" in July/August. What's missing from these pics are the Belgium waffles & homemade whipped cream and strawberries and Nutella. Oh dear, quite possibly the best damn combo ever. I wish I had a waffle. Right now.
See those cute bookmarks? My sister-in-law was kind enough to make the favors! So cute!

....and Deuce's loot? It so quaintly fits on a bitty table. F & I just can't wait to snuggle up with the babe and read stories.

Thank you to our family & friends who shared the afternoon celebrating Deuce. We definitely are loved.


The Ciunis said…
Thats THE most freakin adorable shower I've ever seen. Those onsies! Love! Can't wait to see Duece in them.

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