I can count on one hand

I'm finally on the final countdown. 35 weeks pregnant. Which means only 35 days to go! Goooo me :)

Want the latest?
Uncomfortable? check.
Sleepless nights? check.
Swelling extremities? check.
Yup, sounds like I'm just about ready.

My appointment this week was boring as usual, which is never a bad thing. She wanted to sign me out of work this week. Umm, THIS WEEK?! I'm not ready for that. I worked into labor with F and had all intentions of doing so again. Sure, I'm feeling much more tired and icky than I did the first go 'round but I've still got 5 weeks. WTH am I going to do with myself? I'll be waiting and obsessing over every little thing, twitch, pinch and all the other minute details we haven't covered. I'm not sure what is healthier for me, sitting at my office working or being home with a toddler and puppy. I talked my way into one more week of work and we'll reassess next appointment. The more I think about it though, I'm leaning toward taking the time off. It might lift my spirits a bit. I've been crabby lately.

Here we are this morning - 35weeks and as pretty as can be at 7am. It's a quick glimpse into what my normal routine is going to be; climbing and clingy 2 year old and instead of holding a camera Deuce will be taking up armspace. Someone hug me. I'm scared. For real this time.



Jenny said…
You are going to be a great Mother of Two! Remember...they sleep almost all day at first, so you'll have time to adjust. Happy for you! Yay, 35 weeks!
Just think if meeting your new bundle of joy (boy or girl)....it will certainly be an adjustment but I think you'll do just fine. Enjoy your last weeks as a family of three :-)

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