First day of Summer +1

How quickly things change in a 24 hour period, I'm officially on leave for the duration of the summer. I'm a mixed bag of emotions over it but my bod is getting too old for this pregnancy/toddler/work combo. I hope the juggling two kid-work combo fits better. The pregnancy heavens are probably singing joyous melodies that they only have to hear my bitching for another couple weeks (max!) for there will be peace again for the rest of eternity when I deliver.

So, back to the ch-ch-chaaanges. I left work Monday evening for the last time in awhile came home to the usual nighttime routine. Oddly enough, I woke up today feeling like I had consumed three too many sangrias the night before. The weirdest hangover ever, even though I'm not sure I remember exactly how a hangover feels...I imagine it was the crash of work-overload Monday.

Fal and I hit the beach with my sis and kids. It was a gorgeous day and probably the best way to kick off the start of my leave. I got a bit of sunshine and a new lease on life. This non-working thing might look good on me after all.

Waiiit a minute.

Yup, I spoke too soon. We got home after a little beach picnic lunch and she fought a nap for an hour and half. Sweetness. I missed my brow appointment because she didn't feel like napping. Little did I know that she'd make it up tenfold when she hit the toilet for a poop-sesh on her own! I swear this made up for all of today's tears. Sadly, one of the biggest highlights of my day.

After the poop, we made a fantastic pizza for dinner. Thank you TJ's for saving me the hours of dough prep. I luuurve making my own but seriously their dough is the next best thing. It really is. She was proud of her pizza. Mommy more 'matoes. She adores the red fruit. And cheese.IMG_1882

To top of our fantastic first eve of summer, we took a tour of our backyard and found all kinds of yumminess ready for the picking.

Happiness is seeing avocados finally sprouting:

And figs (see on the leftish side):

And apricots:

She snagged an apricot right off the tree for dessert.
This is the first time I've looked at her thinking she needs a haircut. I mean look at those scraggly ends! LOL. I suppose anyone's ends would look the same if they hadn't had a trim in nearly 2.5 years.

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. Happy Summer.


The Ciunis said…
Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Adorable.
I'm gonna have to try that pizza dough. Have a great summer!
kim said…
She is just too, too cute.

Happy summer!

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