Everyone Poops

Although not everyone prefers to poop in their pants...my daughter does.

However, we just completed our third week of diaperless days. That deserves a wooohooo!

I've been more than pleased with Fal's performance so far. She filled her potty chart well over a week ago and I've been the bad mommy who hasn't replenished the chart with fresh squares. Good news though, she doesn't seem to be motivated by prizes OR at least that's what I've been convincing myself for not following through on the chart. We were out at Grandma & Papa's lake house for the week over Memorial weekend. Beaches, boat, bathing suits and swimming made life without diapers easy. I'm officially convinced that summertime is the perfect time to take the potty plunge.

We're still struggling with pooping though. Yuppers, more poop talk. Just this morning, she was walking down the hallway like she had just gotten off a day long horse ride. I can't fathom that this is better/easier than just going on the toilet! Hrmmmm, how do you rationalize this with a 2 year old?

I know she knows how to do it. She's done it once on her own. I even have the pic to prove it.
You didn't think I'd subject you to looking at though, did you? I'm not that twisted.

Doesn't she look proud? I snapped the pic not because I wanted to frame it in her room or anything. I was alone and I wanted to share the excitement with the hubs when he got back from the store. This is the how we live it up at the lake on a holiday weekend!! Woohoo! She told me she had to go potty, dropped her drawers and plopped her happy tush on the froggie. Next thing I know she and I are dancing the jig, hugging and snapping pics of her first intentional poop on the pot. I thought this was the beginning of a glorious relationship but alas I was wrong.

Her favorite bedtime book as of late is Everyone Poops. She even commentates as we read it....but still a no go on the toilet. I'm at a loss. Maybe I should make a pooping chart? What do you think? Worth a shot? I'm grasping here.


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