A Bee Story

...and you want to know why? Because he's dead.

Does leaving a stinger in F's foot make it his last day breathing or was that a myth our parents' told us to keep bee fears to a minimum? In any case, we learned this weekend that, thankfully, she's not allergic to bee stings. Unfortunately, it was the hard way. I pulled out what felt like a .25 inch stinger out of her heel.
I don't think I've been stung to the point of stinger left behind, I have no idea how badly it hurts...I have gotten nipped by a bee a couple times but I had the sense to flick the damn thing away before it really left a mark (and even then with a nip I felt the burn for a long while). Poor girl didn't have a chance. She's still tip toeing around not putting too much weight on her left foot. The doc said that she should be back 100% within 5 days. Whoopie.

Other than the bee being productive, we had an eventful weekend ourselves. The nesting continued, Baby Deuce officially has a bed to sleep in. Of course, the sheets aren't ready to go (they're on my shopping list). Big sis was such a help though! She insisted on cleaning the crib with Daddy and even helped with her screwdriver to make sure the screws were in there tight.
IMG_1860 What a helper!

There was one buddy who wasn't as excited to be seeing the action.IMG_1863I'm thinking he knows that there's someone who will be joining the ranks ahead of him? From this attitude, it looks like he gets it.

We gave our tired couch a new home & in our continued efforts to live green we replaced it with a new (to us) one. With many peeps still downsizing, there's a plethora of new condition secondhand finds to be had on craigslist. We picked up a custom made sofa for over $1k less than what they paid not long ago. I'm plopped on it right now still in awe that we snagged such a find.

We were able to find some downtime this afternoon. F and I had squeezed in some quality cuddles. She was taking full advantage of the aforementioned "that bee was not nice" situation. I'm soaking in all the snuggles she's wanting to share with me and adoring all the one liners she's been dropping. Her vocab has jumped tenfold lately and it's not often she wants me over her daddy.

How 'bout these ABC skillz? DISCLAIMER: you'll have to close your eyes if you hit play. I have no idea why I was so shaky, it's never happened before on my vids. Maybe the camera was zoomed in? Chalk this one up to pregnancy brain.

In any case, she's pretty good - skipping a few here and there - but I'd say she's on her way to being a spelling bee pro.

ABCs from jaugs on Vimeo.

See the bee stories come full circle 'round here.


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