It's official. I'm waddling.


And huge.

Holy pressure downstairs. The doc continues to tell me that since my ute has been used and abused - well, not exactly his words - pressure, pain and waddling are here to stay until the end. Cheers to second babies!

The past week has been eventful. I've been having irregular contractions, aforementioned pressure coupled with an insomniac two year old make for fun days.

I'm not all piss and vinegar, Friday's appointment went well! Deuce is tipping the scales at an impressive 6lbs 3oz. Right on track with Fal in the growth department - if Deuce delivers at 38 weeks, too, then they'll be about the same size. Assuming I don't go into my 44th week of pregnancy, my irrational fear of a 10 pounder has been squashed. Not to worry, I've covered that base already. The hubs has agreed to put me out of my misery if I'm still pregnant at that point. :)

I'm also 1cm dilated and 10% effaced. Honestly, with all the pressure I've been feeling I was kinda expecting to be a teensy bit further along. YAY for any progress though!!

Other than feeling like I just completed my 3rd day of hell week for field hockey in college, I'm doing okay. I just wish I was able cure the achy back and legs like I did in the days of yore; pour a niiiiice cocktail and hop in the neighbor's jacuzzi. For now, I'm going to kick up my feet and enjoy my sugar-free/fat-free chocolate pudding with blueberries and strawberries. Somehow it just doesn't sound quite as glamorous, does it?


jCam said…
Haha, sounds like we are going through the same things! Let's plan it this way - you can go a week before me, since you are a week ahead. That way if you go at 38 weeks again, then I will go at 38 weeks. I think that sounds perfect.
Jamie said…
Ah, I remember those days! Although at 38 weeks Alana was 9'13 anyway! I will pray for a fast and safe delivery for you mama!
Jenny said…
Oh man, hang in there Ugly! It's almost over! So excited to find out if it's a he or a she!!!
jcam, it's a deal :)

Jamie, wha?! Alana was over 9lbs at 38w?! Oh ma gah. I bow to you, mama.

Ugly, how different pregnancies can be! I"m dying over here. Soon soon we'll find out!! :)

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