Double Trouble

You can't turn your back for a minute....Saturday was a house work day. Fun fun!

Happy early mother's/father's day to us! The day started with a shopping spree for new tools; a couple saws, an air compressor, a sander, & a nail gun. Oh my! We've got a laundry list of furniture pieces to build and these beauts will get us off and running. Finally.

While I was in the hall painting baseboards, I knew Fal was sidewalk chalking it up on the patio. When it got quiet I knew she was up to no good. I enjoyed the peace for 10minutes although I should have known better. BUT had I gone out and caught them red handed, I wouldn't have gotten these gems.

She and Gunny are definitely two peas in a pod. Mucking it up in a dirt hole and causing general ruckus.

But they adore each other...

And how could any mom deny that?

Fal + Gunny = BFFs.


Jamie said…
Ahh!! The love for a dog when they are that little is so cute!! I love Gunny too! Your sensors are great! Happy Mother's Day to you Jo! Love F's cheeks, wonder if they'll ever go away!!

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