It's laketime!

We were able to sneak outta town for the weekend for some much needed family R&R.

F loves loves the water. If there were a word that meant lovelovelovelovelovelove, it would be most appropriate here.

Boats follow a very close second behind water. I think it might have something to do with her first trip at 2 months?

It was Gunny's maiden voyage. He enjoyed himself.

He chased the wakes, the birds, the sticks, the toys. He was a tired pup.

Whew! What a weekend. The ride home was quiet after a 45 minute over-tired-didn't-get-my-nap-in-before-we-took-off tantrum. I'm fairly certain car ride tantrums are my favorite kind.

Looking forward to our next one! ;)


Jamie said…
Ahhh! What a lucky girl to be able to have such fun times on boats and in the river at such a young age! Think she is bound to be a river rat?!? Haha!

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