Baby Deuce: 4D

Now that I'm 7+ months into this pregnancy, it's funny that only recently did people start asking "where ever did you come up with the name Deuce?" Or "are there two babies in there?!" Or asking friends of friends; "are they really naming the baby that?"

And here I thought we had nicknamed the babe an obvious one. Two = deuce. Here's the wiki page for the term. In any case, we're not naming the kid Deuce. Although, if we have another hospital name stand-off, it might just stick and end up on the birth certificate....kidding! Kinda.

We saw the Deuce in 4D last week. I thought we had until 32ish weeks to make the appointment, so I was dragging my feet in doing so. When finally got around to looking online to set it up, I just about freaked when I saw that they recommend the scan no later than 30weeks. Not 32. I was 29w6d. Crap. I frantically called and she said that I needed to get in yesterday. Great. BUT they had an appointment that night. Of course, we wanted the grandparents to join us. Coordinating 6 adult schedules in mere hours isn't ideal. We did it though! With an added bonus of the hub's grandparents were going to be at dinner with his parents, so they were able to join the last minute madness. Yay! The gang's all here.

We were able to hang with Deuce for a half hour or so. 4D ultrasounds are amazing. The detail of the features, to facial expressions, to watching and feeling the movements at the same time (well, for me anyway) are incredible. It makes the thought of having another baby in a couple months that much more a reality.

Here's BD in all his/her glory! Since I was a bit further along than the ideal, s/he was getting kinda squished in there and a full frontal of the face wasn't possible. You get the idea though.

Please let this be a yawn and not a scream...

I pulled out the pics from F's 4D ultrasound and the similarities are uncanny. Chubby cheeks. Check. Button nose. Check. Lips for days. Check. I can't wait to meet this little one!


The Ciunis said…
I didn't know you had a blog! Can't wait to look through it. The 4D images are awesome and exciting. Bet you can't wait!!

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