33 weeks.

Holy crap. I've officially entered the honeydew territory. Sounds about right considering my appetite as of late - just call me the by my new nickname, the bottomless pit. Oy vey.
All is well from the doctor's standpoint, so I'm not concerned. I've booked the remainder of my appointments, including my growth U/S in two weeks. It is then I will learn if I'll be pushing out a 10 pound bowling ball or a slim and trim averaged sized babe. I'm hoping for the latter.

I can't believe I'll be full term in 4 weeks. Did you know we haven't even taken the crib down from the garage yet? Eeek...we've got some work to do.

My uber fabulous friend, KLP took our family/maternity session this past week. I pink puffy heart her and her eye behind the lens. One of the most talented photographers I've ever met. This is the "sneak peek" pic she posted on her FB (facebook) page. I've seen others but can't release those until she's done her thang.

Could Fal have a cuter smirk on her face?! I think not.



Jamie said…
CAN'T wait to see more pics!!!! LOVE F's face! Priceless!

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