Independent Lady

It took us 45 minutes to put these shoes on this morning.

Yup, they even have velcro fasteners.

Close your eyes and envision this scene in our bedroom.

F: No mommy, I do it.
Mommy: Oh baby girl, that shoe needs to go on your other foot.
F: No mommy, I do it.
Mommy: Can I help you? The shoe will be much more comfortable on the other foot.
F: I do it.
Mommy: Please let me help you!

Rinse and repeat.

She's a girl of great will, that child of mine.

I ended up wrestling her in the 46th minute and finishing the job. My patience only lasts so long.

She's been exceptionally crabby and having inconsolable fits off and on the past week. I just put my finger in her mouth this morning. One 2yr molar broke skin - well no shit, she's been pissy. We're three teeth shy of finishing the teething race before starting it all over again. I hope Baby Deuce doesn't handle teething like big sis.


Jamie said…
Alana is the SAME way!! She says Mommy no help! I draw the line at her shoes I have to tie though! We are raising beautiful independent women!

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