Greek Adventure - Part 1

You're probably wondering how this seemingly last minute trip came to surface. My buds KLP and Martini were planning the visit for a long while to visit our other friend, Ang. She & her hubby are residing in the beautiful town of Saronida, Greece. When posed the question to go, I laughed it off. I mean I would be 6months knocked up at the time of the trip, Greece is tops of the list for hubs - there was no way I'd be able to just pickup a ticket for 1 and leave him behind & how am I going to leave both my babes behind while I was gallivanting Greece? Not fair, right? I didn't even bring up the trip to him.

Well, he found out about it, promptly told me I would certifiably be crazy NOT to go and damn near pushed me out the door to catch my plane. God, I love this man.

So of to Greece I went.

When booking a last minute from the West Coast to Athens, you don't exactly get the pick of the litter. I had to change planes twice...eww. A slight delay in my first flight turned me into that crazed (& PREGNANT) traveler sprinting through the airport trying to catch my next plane. I barely made my second flight. Like by minutes. Not joking.

I was bumped to business class on my last leg of the trip which made up for all the airport sprints. Fancy schmancy.

Ang's view from her balcony. You have permission to be jealous.

No time to waste, we dropped our bags and headed right out to see our first ruin. The Temple of Posiedon. Amazing. We missed the gates by 15 minutes but had this gorgeous view from the restaurant down below. We ordered a water (for me) and wine and Amstel for the ladies. Who knew that Amstel is the beer to drink in Greece? I figured it would be Mythos. Learn something new everyday.

We headed home after drinks and caught the tail end of the sunset from Ang's balcony. What could be better welcome wagon than good friend & a gorgeous home with a view?

We stayed up pretty late catching up. The 4 of us haven't been together for some QT in a long time. It was the perfect way to kick off our trip. We were set to wake early the next day to head up to Mount Parnassus for our Easter celebration in Delphi!

up next: weekend in Delphi


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