A Delphi Easter Weekend - Greece Part Duece

No rest for the wary, we hopped in the car first thing Saturday morning and headed to Mount Parnassus for an Easter celebration in Delphi!

We were a couple hours from the mountains so we got to enjoy the countryside view from the backseat of the rented clownsized car for 5 - including a pro waterpolo player touting a 6'6" frame...

We stopped along the way for a quick bakery treat at 90 Cafe. Yummm, spinach pie :)

Our new home for the next few nights, Hotel Olympic

This is the toned down daytime Easter celebration on Sunday. The midnight mass freaked me out...think M-80s, M-100s (and bigger firecrackers) and gunshots to the air. There is video, once I get a link from Martini, I'll post it. I had to rest because BD was not loving my anxiety.

First courses of our chef's special Easter feast. Not pictured is the traditional lamb course, of course. ha. Tasty!

Of course a trip to Delphi is not complete without a tour of Apollo's Altar. We hit both the museum and archeological site for free! Total score, saved about 20 Euro.

In school, I never took a liking to Greek mythology because I just couldn't wrap my head around 4th/5th century BC. A quick trip to Greece would have solved that, ma ;) Touring the museum and seeing this:

Then walking a short distance to the actual spot it was found?! Okay, I was enamored.

...and who can resist the symmetry in this?!

If you lived in Delphi or perhaps most of the region, this is how you'd roast your Easter lamb. These men sit from the wee hours in the morning until the balls are toasted manually spinning the spits.all.day.long. The women cater hors d'oeuvres and drinks to the men, after all what would happen if you stopped the rotation?

And when the testes have reached your desired crispiness, what do you do? You schlep it home for carving, of course!

Hey, Uncle Bud! This ones for you!!

This Easter was missing a plastic pastel colored egg hunt and my little munchkin but I must say this wasn't a half bad way to celebrate the holiday!

next up: Athens!


Jamie said…
So glad your hubby pushed you to go! LOVE the picture of the round rock and the belly! Baby Deuce can say that he/she was in Greece already!

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