95 days left to go...

95 days till a beer. haha.

I guess singing bottles of beer at 2am can only funny to me.

I'm back from my super fab trip to Greece! I passed a great pregnancy milestone while gone...double digit day countdown to Baby Deuce's arrival. The 20ish hour trip out wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was spoiled enough to be upgraded on my final leg going out, lucky me! Nothing like saying "yassas" to the Greeks coming in business class style.

A full rundown of my trip will follow but I've been fighting jetlag and a screaming 2yr old tantrum for the past two hours, so I thought I'd check in.

Sooooo, hello to week 26 (and a few days)!!!

Here's the rundown for the 6th month (25-28weeks):
Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

Exciting, right?

Me and BD soaking up Greek island gloriousness at 26weeks! So fun!!



Jamie said…
Amazing picture girl!! Can't wait to read all about it!

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