random thoughts

What a weekend!

The dreaded P-bomb was dropped Friday. Breathing treatments every 4hours, antibiotics - oh, did I mention that pneumonia = fighting bedtime and sleepless nights? oh yeah, we went into Friday off ~9hours total sleep for the week. As soon as we got some meds she (and we) started getting a bit more rest. Tonight was the first night she went down without a fight in over a week. (!!!!!!!) She's on the road to getting better, woohoo! Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes. They are helping!

AND she got the green light to start swim class as scheduled next Tuesday....woohoo! Pneumonia has nothing on this kid.

Even sicky, she's a trooper & a cute trooper at that.

We enjoyed some super fab family time with the extendeds Saturday night celebrating March birthdays! F was excited to be included and helped blow out the candles on an extra large cupcake. :) She's loving up on this birthday stuff. I can't believe she's going to be 2 on FRIDAY!

Speaking of, I've got 4 days to get her party squared away! Aye. I've got a list but not much checked off. I've got a busy busy day ahead of me tomorrow :)

I got my first pregnant stranger comment Sunday at brunch, apparently I'm showing more than I think. I am nearly 24weeks, so it should be expected. Right? The server asked if it was a girl or boy. I was sitting there next to Fal all gussied up in a hot pink dress. I must have given her the most confused blank stare because OBVIOUSLY she is a girl. She shook her head and asked again pointing to her belly. ::smacking forehead & nervous giggle:: oh! we don't know, was all I could muster. Totally unexpected.

With that, I'm off to bed.



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