Labor Day & 24

Happy 2nd Labor Day to me!

For those not in the know, labor day is my day to celebrate the anniversary of going into labor/birth of my babes. After all, 16 hours of active labor for F shouldn't go unnoticed, right? I don't know exactly how long I'll hold that one over hear head, maybe forever (?), I guess it'll depend on how well behaved she is as a teen. What better way to parent than to hold each minute of labor over her? bwwahahaha. 16hours is a loooong time!

Anyhow, I toasted the first anniversary of labor day last year with champagne. Sadly this year, I can't continue my bubbly tradition BUT have no fear, 2011 will bring not just one but TWO labor days to celebrate! How exciting!

Onto BD, all is well. I'm in my last week of the 5th month which means Deuce will be larger than the largest papaya. :O Can I be 6months pregnant already?! Where have the days gone?

I've got my glucose tolerance test under my belt - that drink is icky - assuming all is quiet on the western front at my appointment next week, I'll be on my way to Greece. I'm so excited I can't see straight.


kkaattiiee11 said…
Jo, you are so funny and creative I can't stand it! Are you going to Athens or the Greek isles or where?! I loved Greece -- we are actually going back in June! Love you, Jo Mama! I miss you so much!

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