just cause we're showoffs

today we had hit up the library for story time, picnicked in the front yard and shared a scoop of strawberry ice cream :) what? how else are we supposed to tolerate this spike in weather? cheese and rice it was hot today. like shweaty hot. plus if we're going to be dealing with earthquakes, the least we can do is indulge in a scoop of ice cream. anyone else awake at 4 this am? not the best way to wake on a tuesday morn.

the big sis sporting nap time bedhead and sun screened up but seriously the cutest damn kid. ever. (she even let me put her comb over in a pony!)

eye boogs and all, the gunmaster is an attractive dude himself.

and moi. 22w 5days - told ya my belly has grown considerably.

i'd say today was a productive day :)


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janemartini said…
jo jo ...you rock!

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