I'm quite the catch

and I'm real modest. Really modest, in fact. I could provide you a list of my catch-worthy qualities but I'm feeling kinda lazy tonight so I'll spare your gag reflexes. Instead, I'll outline my Saturday to prove my conceited point.

Brunch plans were canceled last minute. The weather was okay but too chilly to hop on the bike and take F to the beach for a bit like I promised when we woke up to sunshine. Instead, this is what we did while the hubs jetted to work for the morning.

In no particular order:
baked fresh pretzel bread. yummy yum yum
blew bubbles - always a fave
laundry - ugh
play-doh session - !!!!
scrubbed the wood floors - meh
growing a Baby Deuce in my belly - 22w 3d :)
living room dance off - we've got moves
filled the nail holes in the dining room baseboards for painting - I'm handy like that

From Suzy Homemaker to Bob(bie) Villa in a mere few hours. Man, my hubs is a lucky guy ;)



Jamie said…
Catch indeed!! You are so awesome because you are a mom and that's just what we do!!

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