so much for weekly updates...

I skated through the week of the Onion and have moved into the Sweet Potato...holler for week 18!

I don't know why this particular SP has half a dozen eyes, I hope mine only has two. Yum, I looove me some SPs, I don't make them nearly enough.

We had some pics taken of deuce last week! Our little alien baby is growing at a great clip. See that face? Only one a mama can love...the second pic is pretty awesome because you can see all the vertebrae - technology is amazing!

This pregnancy has been fairly uneventful, thank goodness. I'm fairly certain I felt a bit of movement last night. Which, I suppose, is a milestone. I think I was uber sensitive the first time around and sitting and waiting and over analyzing every stretch or pinch and I remember feeling bubbles at 16w. Don't they say that the second one gets the short end of the stick on most things growing up? I'm keeping tradition alive - I don't want deuce to feel left out of the secondchildsyndrome.

I think part of the reason my mind can't clearly focus on this pregnancy, is this nearly two-year-old that seems to have caught a case of the terrible twos early. Eeeeegads, someone assure me that this is just a quicky phase? There was a tantrum the other morning that sent Gunny running outside in the cold and that pup refuses to go out in cold mornings. If Fal can clear the room that early, you know it's bad. Screaming, throwing herself on the ground, crocodile tears, throwing things - you know, the works. We ended up being 20mins late out the door. For the first time in her short daycare history I had to leave her wailing in T's arms. I got to my car - where I could still hear her from inside - opened the door and sat in silence for what seemed like 5mins, relieved I didn't have to deal with it. Terrible, right? I knew within minutes of seeing her friends playing she'd dry up and get to her mornings that she loves so much. And sure enough, she did and had a great day. Go figure. Save all the fun stuff for mommy.

I'll get her on vid one of these days, is it okay to laugh when it's all said and done? Because if that is a faux pas I'm going to be grey before these two kids reach elementary school.



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