Snow Day!

We took Fal up to the snow for the first time yesterday. Over coffee the hubs said, 'let's go to the mountains today'. 'Umm, okay?' was my response. We're a hop skip and a jump from the mountains but yet we never think to head up there. Gosh, it's been 5 years since we've been up there last. I think we'll try and get up there much sooner the next time. Fal love love LOVED the snow. We hit the first tubing park we could find because her carseat's straps were strained to near threads as she pointed & screamed for the noooo (snow for those not fluent in 2yr speak).

I couldn't enter the park thanks to being knocked up but I had good view of the kiddie run where I parked my growing pregnant ass. I had the camera ready to go, half nervous and half excited. Was I going to hear her screeching down the hill scared out of her mind or will we need to jam handfuls of noooo onto a bloody lip after doing a face plant off the tube? Well, I think I'll let the pics and vids speak for themselves. I, apparently, am not the cool mom to think that she wouldn't fair well. We had to peel her off that dang inner tube when it was time for lunch.

fun :)


Jamie said…
LOVE the video! We have yet to take Alana to the snow! This makes me want to take her this weekend!!! Super cute family day!

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