Birthday Week Ends with a Party? Surprise!

Well the 16th week has come and gone, wouldn't you know Deuce is the size of an avo? At least until tomorrow when (s)he jumps to the next fruit size. Not only did we celebrate the week of the avo, we celebrated my birthday!

This pregnancy is going so quickly. I mean in 5 short months we're going from this:

to having another one of these (actual size will vary):

SO exciting!!

The week was great. Celebrated birthday-eve with tacos, margs & beer with some friends at El Torito Grill. Yummmy. Nothing says happy 30th quite like a virgin margarita, it was no different than turning 20, really. I mean, I am soclose yet so far. Our server even offered to buy me a shot of tequila (after he found out I was with child). Hrmmm, coincidence?

Not a bad start to the actual day, the hubs had these delivered to my office.

My birthday night was bittersweetly celebrated with a restaurant full of friends to support our friend. Renee is such an amazing and inspiring woman. I often think that if the tables were turned, if I would touch as many lives as she has. I hope that I could but I'm a pessimist through and through. I'm not so sure I'd be as couragous, show as much humility and be as uplifting as she is. I am, however, thankful everyday that she is my friend. I'm so lucky and fortunate to know her and have her in my life. Please continue to send all your positive love, healthy vibes and/or prayers in her direction. The more the better. <3>

We went to SCP for dinner and a carousel ride Friday. Fal loves her some carouselling. Is that a word? Anyway, we hit up Wahoo's for some yumminess and cheapy grinds - which paid itself tenfold. We were asked to do a survey in exchange for $10 in gift cards. Our next visit will nearly be paid for. Stoked! Afterward, we cruised our way across the bridge to the main mall to burn off some of the rice and beans and check out the lights. Fal love love loves the lights strung across the sky. We made our way onto her favorite horse and twirled for a few minutes. Fun Friday night, wouldn'tcha say? Jealous? Totally.

I act tough until this smile comes out of a horsey ride...
It's a perfect way to spend a Friday.

My birthday week was capped off with a surprise party (!!!). The hubs and were talking on the way home and he asked me on a scale of 100 how surprised was I. I gave him a 70. I'm kinda keen, don'tcha know. I even had a cutie help me make a wish and blow out my candles! I'm such a lucky girl.


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