Another Stubborn One...

We went in for the 'big' ultrasound this week! I still cannot believe how quickly time is passing. We were in with the tech for nearly an hour and half. The last 3omins were spent trying to get this little one to open its right poking, prodding or waiting would get this one to cooperate. Deuce will fit right in 'round here. Fal got restless toward the end and the hubs had to escort her out of the room. I was left to reason with the one we don't have control over (yet). Ultimately, I walked out of there short of the right hand measurements.

Here are a few highlights:

bubbly toes

a little less alien-like. see the left fist covering the eye socket?

Profile pics are the best. You could see the tongue moving around on the screen. love.

Finally, the best leg shot I've ever seen. Future soccer player, perhaps?

And last but not least, the obligatory bump shot. 20weeks and not much to see.

Happy halfway to me!


Jenny said…
That is a solid leg shot! You look fabulous, by the way!! Happy Halfway Point!
Jamie said…
You look amazing! Look at that shinny hair! Beautiful picture! Congrats!

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