oh my. how quickly a year passes

A year ago today, we signed our lives away in a quaint escrow office. I've never had the pleasure of purchasing a house before and so I had nothing to base our experience off of. But we had some, lets just say, high maintenance sellers. In fact, I didn't want to count my house chickens before they hatched....it was a struggle up till the last week. What seller in their right mind would consider backing out day 40 of a 45 day escrow?! Ours did.

Thankfully, those days are looooong behind us. 363, in fact. Yes, we had squatters. They didn't want to leave the house they just sold - check in hand?! We finally got the keys two days later.

Behold, our wall-to-wall aqua carpeted abode.

Pretty, ain't it? Yup, that is carpet in the dining room (middle pic) - for some reason carpet in the dining room seems dirty to me. It wasn't used as a dining room prior but a big storage closet. To each their own, right? Not sure you can tell the ceiling height in the third hallway. I could palm the ceiling and I'm not that tall. Anyone over 6ft would have to duck under that pretty fixture smack dab in the middle there.

It didn't last long this way. Couple days, if I remember correctly. My fabulous Pop, the hubs & a few friends spent the better part of the two weeks of scraping popcorn ceilings, busting tile, installing can lights, pushing up ceilings in the hallway, installing wood floors and baseboards for our move in date of Jan. 2. Lots of friends and family put in elbow grease to paint to get us in on time. It was a wild holiday season.

The afters are nearly the same angles. Ahh, I love wood floors. The dining area looks like, well, a dining room. And can you see the difference in the ceiling height? Wowza. There's even a vintage F in the shot :)

Lots more has been done with the place since, I'll take more pics and update soon. Aside from the hiccups in my work schedule, this year has truly been a good one. I'm finally feeling more myself. We are lucky.



Jenny said…
Love it! Can't wait to visit!

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