reality check

My baby girl is growing up! I could gush right now like a mammoth geyser but I'll spare your eyes for all the mushy details. I stand by my stance of counting down the days till she's wiping her own bum, speaking well thought out sentences (hardeeharhar) and walking herself to class but these days are flying by.

This afternoon when I pulled into the driveway she ran to my door hopped on my lap, planted a big ol' mmmmmmuah smooch and said 'luuuuuv yoo' while waving her thumb and pointer "L". She still can't get that pinky up for the proper sign but I'll take it.
Seriously? This is amazing. I love this stuff. Nothing is much better than getting an unsolicited kiss and I love you. Priceless.

She's even getting a bit of hair. She just might need her first haircut by her 5th birthday...

I luuuuuv yooo baby girl.


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