my big girl

Baby girl or big girl?
I suppose she will always be my baby girl but each day she continues to amaze us with new things. Between singing 'a b c d e', ehhh-yooos (thank-you) and various animal noises, she makes me smile everyday. This evening has been no different. She went number 1 in the big girl potty! Ohmygosh!

She's taken an interest in the toilet, a fascination really. The past couple weeks we've talked about getting a training seat just to get her acquainted with it. I never thought she'd get down to business so soon. All afternoon she was sitting on her throne fully clothed playing with play-doh. Tonight after bath time, we let her run around in her birthday suit. Suddenly, she bolted across the living room and sat on the pot...and tinkled! Whoa. Daddy and I sat in in awe and high-fived her and sang praises - afterall you only have your first pot experience once, right? And because I know you're dying to see the evidence (there's not much really, just a tiny reflection).

I know, I'm slowly turning into that mom.

After we got her snuggled up in bed we found a trickle trail from her toys to the froggy. We laughed, grinned at one another and reiterated how wood floors was the way to go.

So there you have it. My baby girl is moving toward big girl status.

Up next: college bound.



Jamie said…
ALREADY???? That can't be possible that she is that big already? Slow time down please! Congrats on her first tinkle in the potty!
Us said…
Ha, ha...too cute! Way to go F!

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