Mammoth Lag

I have started and saved several posts - I just haven't hit publish. No real reason...I've been a blog funk. I'm busting at the seams with stuff to write so I'm breaking through, forgive me - my writing is...umm...less than stellar. I'm still haven't busted the funk.

Mammoth treated us like kings & queens (as usual). I feel at home every summer we head north. If I cared for seasons, I'd consider moving. BUT I happen to think that today's cool 65* is feeling like fall. I wore a How do you think I'd hold up in freezing temps? This isn't chemistry. I'd.die.period.end.

F was amazing and loved every minute we let her pluck rocks and toss in the stream, grab handfuls of dirt and general 1.5 year old shenanigans. See! She was awesome.

I have an incredible family. I love each and every one to pieces (not everyone was able to make it this year) but can't you feel the love? :D

And how does this compare?? Remember last year? She was soooo teeny!

Thanks again Mammoth for being a rock to our summer. I can't wait to see you again next year.


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