Shaggy Speaks....

:::dusting off the keyboard:::

I know, I know, I promised Labor Day.

It's not that I don't have lack of topics to share, it's that we haven't been home long enough to kick the legs up and blog. Between Mammoth with the fam, San Diego for an old college bud's nuptials and visit with to see Shamu. We've been around. So much so, I'm too exhausted to sleep. And the dark circles tell me I should have been snoozing hours ago.

I'm not sure you're interested in the excuses though...could I request forgiveness with not just any ol' pic but a video? I knew I had you at hello :)

This is on our way to swim class. On our road trip to Mammoth we saw LOTS of cows and were able to squeeze in a quick mooing lesson - the others have been in her arsenal for quite some time. Enjoy.


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