so why don't you brag about it?

Okay, I will.

As you know, the house we bought last December had fruit trees. At the time the only one that was showing off for us was the avocado. She is a beaut. The creamiest most amazing avos I have ever tasted. We (and all our friends/family/anyone that could get their paws on them) enjoyed every last one of them. Sadly, the season is over and we said goodbye until the fall.

Now that summertime is upon us, we had no idea how or what other trees listed on the mls that we'd actually get to enjoy. We were promised apples, oranges, lemon, apricot, fig and avocados.
I've never had a green thumb. I wish I had one but alas most plants that come across my path die a senseless death. It's sad and I'm trying to get better. Thankfully, all these are mature trees and almost no maintenance....
Just in the last week or so has the apricot tree blossomed. I was cruising the yard and dozens, really literally DOZENS, of apricots had already fallen to their death. This was my sign that the apricots were ready for picking :) I grabbed my trusty garden basket and shears (yup, I act the part) and got to clipping. Be very jealous. Here are our gorgeous sweet apricots.

While I was at it, I plucked a couple dozen lemons off the tree as well. YUM! I think I might try whipping up some of these or maybe these later in the week. What do you think?


Jamie said…
You are SO lucky!!! I'm gonna come over and steal some fruit!! I LOVE home grown fruit!
kristina said…
I am expecting a LARGE fruit basket......... just sayin

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