Floss and BS

As you may recall, baby girl isn't one of those babes that teethes with ease.
Actually now that we've rounded the molar-bend, I'm convinced that no baby sails through sprouting teeth with ease. Sure, sure you say that not one phased little Johnny, he just woke up one morning with a sparkling grill. Go on, boast again how he never woke you at the 3 o'clock hour inconsolable and shrieking in pain. Go ahead, I don't believe you.
We've tried Tylenol, teething tablets and even this and nothing has saved the nights. Nothing is more painful than not being able to comfort her. Cliche? I don't care, if I could take a bit of the pain away, I would. It's just that bad in our household. I've resorted to toothpicks holding my eyelids open and considering convincing Renee's nurses to administer a caffeine IV just to get me functioning in the morning. Do you think they'd go for it, Nae? Speaking of, here's a pic of her and F during one of our visits this weekend at Hoag. We LOVE you, Nae! Cancer doesn't stand a chance.

With the teeth comes the dentist. And for those that know me, know how important the appearance of a smile is. HUGE. It's pretty much my number one. So there is no question she will be headed in for her 6 month check ups and cleanings, starting now. I searched and found an amazing little office for the babe. She did swimmingly and the doc said her teeth are nice and strong. Although, I could have told you that. Nothing weak would keep us up night after night like these gd one-year molars. She got the clean bill of dental health, for now we've got to floss between her two bottom Chiclets (you should see that song and dance - performed twice daily) and we'll see the doc in December.

But seriously, how can you NOT love a face like this? You can't. Does it make us want to run and get knocked up all over again? Not quite (yet). Are we looking forward to more sleepless nights with a newborn again? No way. Is she worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

See! I don't lie, she's obsessed with our oranges and water.



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