Doggie or Sibling? Or Dare I say, DogBro?

We're toying with the idea of getting a dog in lieu of having another kid.
Every other Friday, mornings are actually fun in our house. C - lucky duck - works the 9/80 so he handles what normally are my morning motherly duties. Of course, without the rush to get out the door by 8:15 to be only 15 minutes late.daily. Yes, take F out of my usual running-a-muck and the mornings are fab (I even do my hair)!
The dog idea isn't new. Looong before F we wanted a pup and that yearning hasn't left, simmered perhaps - but oh still there. C envisions the dog riding shotgun with its head out the window ears flapping - probably with Joe Walsh on the radio - me taking the backseat. Fat chance that'll happen. But I let him dream....

I tell you all the above to have a better understanding of this morning's story.

I was straigtening my hair - half in the bathroom/hallway, C was sitting at the comp and F was sitting in the hallway reading - a dog book, in fact.
We posed the question to our one year old...would you rather have a doggie or a sister or brother. She looked down at the book, looked back up at us and exclaimed "daaahhgy." So there you have it! Done and done.

Dog it is ;) We'll just have to repeat this story when she's 7 asking why she doesn't have a little sister or bro....



Your floors will thank you for the dog!

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