Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I just can't believe how fast the year has passed! Happy Birthday little one!
It seems like we were just bringing her home from the hospital...oh, don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back now. It's great to have a 1 year old!

As I compiled the last 11 posts from my monthly emails, it really makes me feel happy.
Happy we made it.
Happy we don't have feedings every couple hours.
Happy F is the greatest little girl.
(Not so) happy for these dark circles under my eyes.
And extremely fortunate to have a healthy little family. We've successfully made it through the first year of parenthood! Yay us! C and I have something special, I feel incredibly lucky to share this amazing journey with him.

This blog will be replacing the monthly emails, I plan on posting more than once a month - even if it is just a pic. Check back often, become a fan and follow us through JustAnAugerDay.

xoxo always.


kristina said…
I LOVE this baby!!!! Jo you and Chris are the coolest, greatest parents.

Mary said…
Jo - You have a most amazing life
going on and I wish you all the best. She will grow up so fast!
I love the cupcake birthday. We had a really great time.

Love and kisses - Mary Bud

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