meet the fam

From love to marriage to baby carriage.  Time lapse of us.

here's me:

the head nutjob of this operation.  An early, very early thirty-something jack-of-all-trades trying to keep some sanity in a houseful of nuts.  Trudging my way through motherhood in hopes of raising well rounded kids that won't embarrass me at the market at 5PM.  Our mantra through all this has been not to take this whole parenthood too seriously.  After all, it isn't uncharted territory.

the hubs:

photo courtesy of F.
He's the lighthearted, happy-go-lucky part of this operation.  Keeps me sane when I've about lost my lid and puts up with all my wild and crazy ideas.  He's the sweetest, kindest person I've known.  I'm incredibly lucky to call him my best friend, husband and baby daddy.

F AKA big sis:

3 year old bull headed little girl.  Need I say more?

Deuce AKA little sis:
The youngest of the bunch.  Always smiling and happy to be a part of the group.  When she's not noshing on snacks you can find her scaling chairs, tables or the dishwasher door if it's open.  She's a moth to a flame when there is an open source of water available.  See referenced below.

Gunny or the Gunmaster:

The horse dog for the kids to play with.  He's 75lbs of pure love and doesn't mind sharing his water bowl with Deuce.

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