Thursday, May 27, 2010

33 weeks.

Holy crap. I've officially entered the honeydew territory. Sounds about right considering my appetite as of late - just call me the by my new nickname, the bottomless pit. Oy vey.
All is well from the doctor's standpoint, so I'm not concerned. I've booked the remainder of my appointments, including my growth U/S in two weeks. It is then I will learn if I'll be pushing out a 10 pound bowling ball or a slim and trim averaged sized babe. I'm hoping for the latter.

I can't believe I'll be full term in 4 weeks. Did you know we haven't even taken the crib down from the garage yet? Eeek...we've got some work to do.

My uber fabulous friend, KLP took our family/maternity session this past week. I pink puffy heart her and her eye behind the lens. One of the most talented photographers I've ever met. This is the "sneak peek" pic she posted on her FB (facebook) page. I've seen others but can't release those until she's done her thang.

Could Fal have a cuter smirk on her face?! I think not.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Potty training continues...

Nothing too exciting to report. She's progressing well with only a handful of accidents.

Riddle me this...I'm trying to gather the rhyme and reasoning behind her potty schedule. We can go for a walk on the beach and be out for the morning; only tinkling once out of our several potty breaks. So far doesn't sound bad, right? Flip of the coin, she'll be running to the potty twice in 30 of which we missed. There have only been a few hair pulling moments in the past week, topper was the previous post. I suppose it hasn't been that bad. Right? Someone reassure me here.

The following is just an example of what happens 'round these parts.

I was wondering where she picked up the blanket fluffing until the hubs was making the bed the other morning. I burst out in hysterics when I made the connection. Of course, I was giving him the side eye as he tossed the quilt making sure it was precisely even on both sides...apparently, a wee bit of OCD can be inherited.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

In less than 24 hours since my last update, she's managed to collect a whole slew of stickers today:

::picking jaw off the floor::

10 successful trips to the pot!
One sticker = making it to the potty, flushing the toilet & washing her hands

I need to give her more credit than I do, she's a big girl. She had one accident today....pooping is going to be the challenge. 2 days & 2 accidents. I've said it once and I'll say it again, wood floors were one of the best decisions we made pre-move in. Wood is good. The adventure continues...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a weekend

So, how much can you jam pack into 3 days?
A lot.

We started with a trip to Disneyland! We used our vouchers from our volunteer work earlier in the year. Hi-ho Hi-ho it's off to Mickey's house we go...

As soon as we got through the pearly gates, Mickey was welcoming in his guests. We had planned on hitting up his house for a visit, what better timing that he was waiting for us. A 10ish minute wait beats the hour or so that I've heard people waiting. The day was off to a great start.

I didn't know how F was going to react to the 5.5ft mouse. She's been acting a wee bit shy when strangers try and talk with her or compliment her eyes/dress/comb over. She's a lucky girl ;) Of course, she proved me wrong again and I'm kicking myself for not videoing their meeting. She started with a little hop and then got her feet and skipped like a little pony to his lap and jumped in. I had to quickly pick up my jaw. Not because she liked Mickey but that skip. We've never seen her hop like that. Leave it to the mouse.

After Mickey's hello, we trekked our way to her next favorite. Pony time!

We made our way around the kiddie area and hopped on a couple rides. I think we scared the poo out of her when we decided to go on Pinocchio. Who knew that ride was going to be so grim? She survived and we don't think she has any permanent damage from being swallowed by the
It's a small world was a fave along with the tiki room. Those silly singing birds...ahh-mazing.
Pooh was out and F encored her happy skip. I love it. I wonder who will bring out the next skip. I hope I can capture it on vid. So sweet.

Having a moment with Daddy waiting for the train, side eye in full effect. I hope I can get another pic like this when she's about 16. You know we're going to embarrass her at some point in the tween years.

Practicing her stroller pushing skillz for Baby Deuce.

What a fantastic day! She scored a new Mickey and caught the backside of her eyelids about two minutes after the car started. Our day was success!

The rest of the weekend was equally as successful. The quest for completing the baseboards is in full effect. Living room can now be added to the complete list. Aren't they gorgeous? Go ahead and lie to me if you don't think so. These babies have been waiting for the nail holes to be filled, caulked and painted since we moved in. 17 months ago. No better time than to squeeze in every loose end project in the last 8 weeks of pregnancy, right?

Saving the best for last :)

We've been half-assing the whole potty training thing for awhile. She's been using the potty on occasion but we haven't been actively trying to get a routine going. Until now. She's enrolled in a part time program for September. Although this particular school doesn't offer anything more than 2 days a week. Ideally when I'm back to work full time, she'll need to get into a lengthier program. The top school we're looking at requires her to be fully potty trained.

She's proven she's ready. Aside from Disneyland she's been running around in her big girl panties all weekend, even woke up with a dry dipe this morning! Oy, who knew I'd be getting this excited talking about big girl panties and dry morning diapers? Anyhow, my sis offered to make her first official potty chart. A mere 6 hours after we put it up, she was one trip away from the first prize. She's definitely ready.

Whew, I'm exhausted after just recapping the weekend. I'm pooped and feeling the wrath of 31.5 weeks pregnant...the babe is doing well and that's all that matters right now. Have a great week, all!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gone Crunchy

It's official. I've gone crunchy.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I'd be mixing up my own laundry detergent and cloth diapering my kid(s) and line drying my laundry, I would have asked you how much you had to drink that day. It just wasn't something that I would consider myself passionate about...

Remember back on Earth Day, I was looking for a laundry soap recipe that wouldn't make my hubs think that I've turned into a full blown hippy? Well, I'm officially a hippy - without the expected giggles and eye rolls. haha. He even hung the clothesline for me. He luurves me.

It started with a cloth diaper (CD) detergent. Without getting off on a CD tangent, you shouldn't just pick up a bottle of Tide at Target because the additives can mess with the absorbency of the diapers with buildup on the fabric.

If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it right.

I mixed up my first batch of CD detergent....and then I got addicted. Next up came the clothing detergent. I whipped up a small batch because I wasn't sure how well it would work...wanna see the results?

Fal decided that the white chaise was her canvas. She's very artistic.

Thanks to dr. google, my process getting ink out:
Hairspray to lift the ink and blot with wet rag. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Soak with bleach (I know, I know it contradicts the whole green living idea. I've got some left over toxics in the garage.)
Wash 4 times with a combo of extra strength laundry soap with whitening & oxiclean.

The stain lightened. Kinda.

I was thisclose to buying a new cover. But before I did I decided to try one last load with a my new clothing laundry soap I mixed up in the garage.

I never ever thought that this would happen. One wash with my new beloved.

Heeeellllooooo? Do you see my white chaise?! If you look real close you can see where she dug in real hard but who cares now? I surely don't!

I'm sold.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Deuce: 4D

Now that I'm 7+ months into this pregnancy, it's funny that only recently did people start asking "where ever did you come up with the name Deuce?" Or "are there two babies in there?!" Or asking friends of friends; "are they really naming the baby that?"

And here I thought we had nicknamed the babe an obvious one. Two = deuce. Here's the wiki page for the term. In any case, we're not naming the kid Deuce. Although, if we have another hospital name stand-off, it might just stick and end up on the birth certificate....kidding! Kinda.

We saw the Deuce in 4D last week. I thought we had until 32ish weeks to make the appointment, so I was dragging my feet in doing so. When finally got around to looking online to set it up, I just about freaked when I saw that they recommend the scan no later than 30weeks. Not 32. I was 29w6d. Crap. I frantically called and she said that I needed to get in yesterday. Great. BUT they had an appointment that night. Of course, we wanted the grandparents to join us. Coordinating 6 adult schedules in mere hours isn't ideal. We did it though! With an added bonus of the hub's grandparents were going to be at dinner with his parents, so they were able to join the last minute madness. Yay! The gang's all here.

We were able to hang with Deuce for a half hour or so. 4D ultrasounds are amazing. The detail of the features, to facial expressions, to watching and feeling the movements at the same time (well, for me anyway) are incredible. It makes the thought of having another baby in a couple months that much more a reality.

Here's BD in all his/her glory! Since I was a bit further along than the ideal, s/he was getting kinda squished in there and a full frontal of the face wasn't possible. You get the idea though.

Please let this be a yawn and not a scream...

I pulled out the pics from F's 4D ultrasound and the similarities are uncanny. Chubby cheeks. Check. Button nose. Check. Lips for days. Check. I can't wait to meet this little one!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Trouble

You can't turn your back for a minute....Saturday was a house work day. Fun fun!

Happy early mother's/father's day to us! The day started with a shopping spree for new tools; a couple saws, an air compressor, a sander, & a nail gun. Oh my! We've got a laundry list of furniture pieces to build and these beauts will get us off and running. Finally.

While I was in the hall painting baseboards, I knew Fal was sidewalk chalking it up on the patio. When it got quiet I knew she was up to no good. I enjoyed the peace for 10minutes although I should have known better. BUT had I gone out and caught them red handed, I wouldn't have gotten these gems.

She and Gunny are definitely two peas in a pod. Mucking it up in a dirt hole and causing general ruckus.

But they adore each other...

And how could any mom deny that?

Fal + Gunny = BFFs.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a difference a pregnancy makes...

Rewind two years and a few months. I just found a shoot I did with KLP with F as my bun in the oven. I was 31 or 32 weeks, probably. Nice round belly, right?

Here's the mom's-eye-view of the baby deuce in the oven (excuse the dirty steering wheel):

And the holy schnikes moment. It's no wonder my hips and lower back are achy...excuse the spandex, this is me just after yoga. I mean, I know I'm carrying this babe so much differently buuuut until I saw the pic above that I realized how differently. This kid is sitting & ruining my hips.

Baby Deuce @ 30ish weeks.

COUNTDOWN IS ON! Less than 10 and we'll have another little snugglebug to love.

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's laketime!

We were able to sneak outta town for the weekend for some much needed family R&R.

F loves loves the water. If there were a word that meant lovelovelovelovelovelove, it would be most appropriate here.

Boats follow a very close second behind water. I think it might have something to do with her first trip at 2 months?

It was Gunny's maiden voyage. He enjoyed himself.

He chased the wakes, the birds, the sticks, the toys. He was a tired pup.

Whew! What a weekend. The ride home was quiet after a 45 minute over-tired-didn't-get-my-nap-in-before-we-took-off tantrum. I'm fairly certain car ride tantrums are my favorite kind.

Looking forward to our next one! ;)
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